A Radio Documentary About Father Boyle & Homeboy Industries

El Padre y Los Homies is a radio documentary about Father Greg Boyle and the agency he founded to work with gang-involved youth, Homeboy Industries. Father Greg has worked with young people in East L.A. for nearly twenty years.

Homeboy Industries provides jobs, training and job placement to former gang members many of whom are former enemies, now working side-by-side. Listeners take a trip with a graffiti removal crew, visit Homeboy Silkscreen, and hear from homies having tattoos removed, courtesy of Homeboy Industries. Sadly, the program also includes a memorial service for a young man who was killed while this documentary was being made.

The program is offered for free for radio stations, educators, social workers and anyone interested in hearing stories of human redemption.

You can hear the documentary in mp3 format by clicking the links below:


1. Introduction
2. The Birth of Hope
3. Not Just Another Day at The Office
4. The Magic of a Job
5. From Enemy to Co-Worker
6. Change Has To Be Skin Deep, Too
7. Another Death and a New Start
8. The Future of Homeboy Industries

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Narrated, written, and produced by Brian O’Neill, MSW, PhD. Dr. O’Neill was a social worker for ten years, working with delinquent and dependent youth. He is currently an Associate Professor of criminal justice at West Chester University, West Chester, PA. Dr. O’Neill has also worked as a volunteer at WMUH-FM, Allentown, PA. for the past 18 years.

Music and technical production by Brian Warren. Mr. Warren is a musician, composer, and software developer living in the Philadelphia area.

Additional music by the Iguanas with the kind permission of Ron Hodges and MCA Records.

El Padre y Los Homies was made possible by a faculty development grant from West Chester University.